Thursday, April 19, 2018

Web-book, "Truth Cannot Contradict Truth,
Essay 1: The Catholic Church, Midwife and Nursemaid to Science

The first Essay in my forthcoming web-book, "Truth Cannot Contradict Truth," is now available.   Here's the homepage for the web-book. 

There are all sorts of bells and whistles:

  • big-bang video (from EESA),
  • slider linked to blog posts covering topic in the web-book,
  • preface telling what the book is all about, 
  • link to Essay 1: The Catholic Church, Midwife and Nursemaid to Science
In Essay 1 I discuss science in the Greek World, how physics and the scientific method were developed by Catholic clerics in Medieval Europe, what Galileo did (and didn't do), and that there is no war between science and Catholic teaching, as Pope St. John Paul II showed in his effecting a rapprochement between Catholic teaching and science.

There is also a section in Essay 1 on background science, the physics of motion, with neat animations (very little math and that simple).

The Table of Contents and my brief bio are linked in footers at the bottom of the page.

Please comment (good, indifferent or bad).   I  hope to put in a utility that will solicit contributions to defray web-hosting and software licensing costs, maybe a buck per person and 200 viewers would do that.   Whaddya think?

And thanks for looking.

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