Wednesday, July 15, 2015

More Good Advice from St. Augustine--Admitting One's Weakness

St. Augustine in his study, Botticelli
As I said in a previous post, it has been my habit to read every night before going to bed, and before the Night Prayer, a daily reading from the works of St. Augustine, Augustine Day by Day, compiled by John Rotelle, O.S.A.

The reading for July 14th, Admitting One's Weakness,  is particularly apt for me, and I thought it might also be for others, so here it is:
"Remember, you will be faulted not because you are ignorant against your will, but because you neglect to seek out that which makes you ignorant.No one has ever been deprived of the ability to know the importance of what it is damaging to be ignorant of.   Neither have any been deprived of the ability to confess their weakness." Free Will 3,19
That's it folks....

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