Saturday, October 3, 2015

More St. Augustine:
Seek the Lord within, in silence

St. Augustine and the Fire of Wisdom
Here is some more good advice from St. Augustine, as given in Augustine Day by Day.

Seek the Lord Within. (October 2nd)
"Note the Psalmist's words: 'I sought the Lord and he answered me.'  Where does He reply? Within.  There you pray, there you are heard, and there you are made happy.
   Therefore, enter your heart.  Happy are those who enter their hearts and find no evil.  Commentary on Psalm 33.
Silence. ( October 3rd)

"Let us leave a little room for reflection, room too for silence.  Enter into yourself, and leave behind all noise and confusion.   Look within yourself.
   See whether there be  some delightful hidden place in your consciousness where you can be free of noise and argument, where you need not be carrying on your disputes and planning to have your own stubborn way.   Hear the word in quietness, that you may understand it."
 Sermon 52.

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