Saturday, November 7, 2015

More St. Augustine:
"To find the Giver in the Gifts".

St. Augustine and the Fire of Wisdom
Belatedly I loved thee, O Beauty so ancient and so new, belatedly I loved thee.
For see, thou wast within and I was without, and I sought thee out there. 
Unlovely, I rushed heedlessly among the lovely things thou hast made. 
Thou wast with me, but I was not with thee. 
These things kept me far from thee; even though they were not at all unless they were in thee. Thou didst call and cry aloud, and didst force open my deafness. Thou didst gleam and shine, and didst chase away my blindness. Thou didst breathe fragrant odors and I drew in my breath; and now I pant for thee. I tasted, and now I hunger and thirst. Thou didst touch me, and I burned for thy peace.  St. Augustine of Hippo, Confessions, Book 10, Chapter 27.
 The offertory hymn at Mass today was "O Beauty Ever Ancient".   The music is by Roc O' Connor, SJ and the lyrics are not quite the same as that given in the original.   They struck me deeply, and I don't think I can add anything to what's said by St. Augustine and in the hymn.   The version in the YouTube clip above is by the St. Louis Jesuits... It's beautiful.

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